Cover Medical Expenses Not Paid By Health Insurance

The Number One Accident Expense Supplemental Insurance Policy in America


  1. Fills Gaps in Health Coverage
    Today's individual and group health plans have coverage gaps in the form of high deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance. The Great American Plan is an ideal complement to help supplement high deductible health plans.
  2. Benefits Paid Directly to Policyholder
    Policyholders receive payment directly from the company. Insureds can use the benefits as they see fit- cover out of pocket costs associated with a health plan, pay expenses not covered by a health plan, make car or mortgage payments anything!
  3. No Coordination of Benefits
    The Great American Plan benefits are paid regardless of other coverage. This benefits the policyholder as typically the claim filed against a medical plan will not be reduced by the benefits paid directly to the policyholder.
  4. Not an Association Group or Discount Plan
    Accident coverage issued to associations usually requires the purchase of other services which the policyholder may not need. Also most group association plans are "excess" coverage and they only pay benefits when not covered by another plan. Group coverage is typically not "guaranteed renewable."
  5. Issue Age Rates
    Rates are based on the issue age and do not increase with age. Best of all, rates are not subject to increases due to medical inflation
  6. Guaranteed Renewable for Life
    Policyholders can continue coverage simply by paying the premium when due. The plan is guaranteed renewable for life --it does not terminate at age 65 and there are no benefit reductions.
  7. Simplified Underwriting
    A short application and simplified underwriting make this plan very agent-friendly. The benefits selected determine the number of questions to answer. No exams or medical record requests.
  8. Flexibility to Match Client Needs
    Unlike many plans, benefit selection is entirely flexible. All insured individuals must have base accident coverage, but coverage amounts can vary. Optional benefits are " spouse, children and the amount of coverage can also vary by family member.
  9. Can Be Used with HSA-Qualified Plans
    Health Savings Account regulations allow supplemental coverage for accidents, a specified disease or illness, and insurance paying a fixed amount per day (or other period) of hospitalization. Consumers should consult a tax adviser about tax issues.
  10. Portable Coverage
    Changing individual or group health plans will not interrupt an insured's coverage with the Great American Plan. Many times money can be saved or benefits increased by replacing the accident rider on an existing health plan.

A Success Story

Meet Joanna: A Hospital Indemnity Success Story

We'd like you to meet Joanna, a Hospital Indemnity success story*.


Joanna, age 66, was at home in Iowa one day when she tripped over a box and broke her wrist in two places. She went to the emergency room and spent three days in the hospital. She then wore a cast for six weeks, after which Joanna went to outpatient therapy 12 times. Fortunately, her wrist healed well and today she's as good as new.


Because she had a Hospital Indemnity plan, Joanna also came out okay financially. Her medical costs were over $5,000. Her medical insurance paid much of those expenses, but Joanna was still left with out-of-pocket costs, including the deductible and coinsurance. There were other costs associated with her surgery, too -- during her recovery, she scheduled house-cleaning help and had groceries delivered to her.


What Joanna Owed

  • Medical bills $5,200
  • Medical insurance paid $4,400
  • Joanna's responsibility $800

What Medico Paid

  • Hospital Indemnity $300 x 3 = $900
  • Ambulance $250
  • Emergency Room $150
  • Physical therapy $50 x 12 = $600
  • Total $1,900

Joanna had purchased a Hospital Indemnity plan with two riders: the ambulance services rider and the outpatient therapy rider. As a result, instead of having to reach into her pocket for $800, her Hospital Indemnity plan allowed her to pay off her medical bills and still have some money left over to pay for house-cleaning costs or anything else she wanted. Joanna's cost for Hospital Indemnity plan (with two riders): Only $24.63 per month.*

Joanna is a great example of how a small premium can provide a large amount of financial security. Help make sure your clients can afford to be hospitalized -- talk to them about Medico's Hospital Indemnity plan today.

* This is an example used for illustrative purposes only.

** Iowa, ZIP code 50306. Hospital indemnity benefit: $300 day for 6 days. Ambulance $3.05 and outpatient rehab for 30 days, $5.06 for a total of $24.63 a month. Preferred rating.