Final Expense Insurance Plans

Simple Protection At The End of Life

What Does Final Expense Insurance Cover?

All of us will likely have to face the death of a close family member at some time in our lives.  Worry about how to cover the funeral costs just adds to the pain and grief we’re experiencing.

Final expense insurance covers burial expense and the indirect costs associated with death.  The cost of a funeral may surprise you.  The National Funeral Director’s Association estimated that in 2010 the average cost was $10,000.  And, this does not include the cemetery plot, monument, flowers, obituary, or other cash expenses that could push the cost much higher.  Neither does it include hospital bills, current debt and other expenses.  As a result, many find themselves without adequate financial resources.

A Final Expense life insurance policy assures you will have coverage for the rest of your life and also gives those you leave behind the freedom and flexibility to pay the remaining expenses and debts that may be outstanding.  Final Expense policies are simplified, meaning there is a short application and no medical exam.  

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