Guaranteed Issue Medical

CentralChoice Series

Hospital Indemnity Insurance Policy

The CentralChoice in Supplemental Health Insurance Benefits

Considerations for CentralChoice as Supplemental Coverage

These Premier and Select package designs each feature a variety of both inpatient as well as outpatient benefits, including surgery. CentralChoice benefits can be paid to any hospital or doctor and when MultiPlan providers are used additional savings through negotiated discounts may be available.

CentralChoice Plan Designs

Premier Choice - is particularly well suited to those aged 50-plus who have pre-existing medical conditions (remember, there is a 12-month wait on pre-existing conditions).

Select Choice - design is suitable for those with limited budget who desire an affordable plan to which they can add additional customized coverage for necessary Critical Illness, Cancer and Accidents. (Available separately) It provides a backbone for a quality portfolio of these additional supplemental policies.

Enhanced Supplement - a versatile option, this plan can serve as a solid supplement to qualified major medical policy, or supply benefits with which to add a package of supplemental benefit options.

Essential Supplement - a cost effective way to provide a variety of benefits used to "fill the gaps" in qualified major med plans. While the Supplement Plan is sufficient to supply the benefits necessary to reduce or even eliminate the out-of-pocket costs associated with an average period of hospital confinement when used with major medical, it should be supported by additional CI, Accident and Cancer policies whenever possible for the highest levels of protection.